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Interested in majoring in CAPS? Here are some tips to be successful!

Complete at least 60 credits in first and second year winter terms. Refer to the CAPS academic calendar for the specific prerequisite courses you should take.


Apply at the end of first year for second year specialization with CAPS as first choice. If you are not selected, DON’T PANIC! You can still apply in second year. NOTE: Even if you are selected in 1st year, you still must apply again in second year via the following steps.


Complete the CAPS Honours Application Form and submit it to the CAPS Undergraduate Academic Advisor (Dr. Sally Osborne;, while also indicated you intend on applying for CAPS, no later than the first term of year 2. Dr. Osborne will schedule an interview with you in Term 2. Admission preference is primarily based on academic performance in prerequisite courses in year 1 and 2.


Results are announced at the end of year 2, with official entry into the program in year 3.

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